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High quality Permanent
Make-up in THE medical aesthetics Clínic in Mallorca

Unique and unlike any other permanent cosmetic treatment in the market today

The N°1 in Mallorca with highly qualified and awarded stylists and a perfect quality-price ratio

IMEBA® is one of the top clinics in the field of medical aesthetics in Mallorca. It therefore is a matter of fact that we also offer the highest quality when it comes to permanent makeup.

We have the best patented technology from the German brand Ri-soft® Lining, available only at our center IMEBA® Palma. Ri-soft® Lining is the leading brand in Germany. We have unique colors for our unique and patented technology that will ensure the best outcome.

We are a medical aesthetic clinic with 8 doctors and surgeon, so we have the highest hygiene and sanitary standard, we can give the best anesthetic procedures if necessary…and we work with the best Pigmentation Machine in the world which has a microprocessor to make the pigmentation procedure more comfortable for you.

“Our mission is to produce the highest quality work for every client with complete professionalism.” And something else: please forget about Microblading. It's dangerous, requires a lot of follow-up treatments, it doesn't last too long and also doesn't look good. Microblading is out of date. It was never good and never will be. The future is Microlining. Of course exclusively with Clínica IMEBA®


Do you know how important the eyebrows are for the face? They make it look fresh and years younger. The important thing is the naturalness. We are talking about the hair-by-hair treatment, but in a 3D procedure. Eyebrow pigmentation with an excellent result.


Lips should be sensual. But lips can also dislplay a lot of youthfulness. How is this possible with permanent make-up? Very simple, we make your lips look fuller and more sensual without doing a lip augmentation. You can either pigment the outline or the complete lips. "Red lips should be kissed...".


The eyes are the mirror of the soul. With the right permanent make-up, we manage to make even smaller eyes more brilliant, seductive, and awake. Let your eyes shine.



Modern Aesthetics Clinic

Our skills are obvious. On one hand, we work with the world wide best pigmentation machine (patented technology and a microprocessor) in order to make the pigmentation more comfortable for you. On the other hand, our doctors and stylists guarantee a reliable and safe course of your treatments. That should be worth it.

Meet our awesome team.