Eyebrows Tattoo Removal

New treatment and new offer with Clínicas IMEBA®:
Do you have an old eyebrow tattoo? But you want new eyebrows with a natural look, hair by hair, done by professional stylists?

In that case, you first have to remove the old eyebrow tattoo. If you really wish a better and good result. We see that many of our clients ask us to (almost oblige us) to do the new pigmentation over the old and many times strangely coloured eyebrow tattoo. But the result will always be very difficult, and not completely natural. We always warn the clients about this, but they want to do it over the old pigmentation anyways. This is something we don’t do anymore, because the majority of the clients aren’t really happy (which of course is not our fault), plus it doesn’t match our style and idea of a natural look.

So now we have the solution. We now have a new, cutting-edge equipment*. Now we are able to remove your old eyebrow pigmentation. This is normally possible in three treatment sessions, every month one session. And after these sessions, we can do the permanent make-up of the eyebrows with Microlining, using the hair-by-hair technique (forget about Microblading, Microlining is the future), with a fantastic natural look. Beautiful natural eyebrows.

This is a really specialised service, brought to you by Clínicas IMEBA.

The prices for the removal of old eyebrow tattoos are:
150€ per session.

If you do your new eyebrows with us, we have a special offer for you.
In this case, you only pay 450 €! This price includes the removal of the old eyebrows (maximum 3 sessions) plus the new treatment of the eyebrows using Microlining. With this package you will save a lot of money. The regular price would be 745 €, but you receive the package for only 450 €. That’s the deal. The 450 € have to be paid in the first removal session.

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal: 150€/session 

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal incl. new hair-by-hair eyebrows using “Microlining”: 450€/complete

Old, poorly done eyebrows:

Old, poorly done eyebrows with removal and reconstruction of the eyebrow pigmentation:

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*Pico Laser (532 nm, 1064 nm. 785 nm): the duration of the impact in this case is measured in picoseconds, which equals a billionth part of a second; this laser of the highest quality. It has different wavelengths that widen the spectrum of therapeutic options. As this is a very innovative technology, as well as a very specific one in terms of the treatments it is able to perform, we extended the way of working of the laser for the treatment of tattoos.